All personnel will receive the same starting hourly wage according to the category of the job description.


No mileage will be paid. Any mileage accrued by the employee in the course of servicing the client is the responsibility of the employee.

Travel time between clients at connecticut minimum wage will be compensated.


Employees are required to use the Electronic Visit Verification system for all clients with services through

Connecticut Community Care Incorporated (CCCI).  Upon arrival and departure from CCCI clients,

employees must call in and out using telephony verification in addition to paper time sheets.  

It is vital for employees to call in and out promptly and accurately.


Time or activity sheets are provided by the agency. It is the responsibility of the employee to fill out time sheets correctly and thoroughly and submit them signed by the client at the time of each visit.

Unsigned or incorrect time sheets may not be considered for payment of services. Pay checks are issued bi-weekly.

Do not expect or request a paycheck outside of the pay period.


Services to be provided to a client will be detailed in advance.  If there are any questions regarding services, it is the responsibility of the employee to contact the office for clarification.

Any changes in schedule, be it the employee’s request or the client’s request must be communicated to the office. 

Failure to do so may result in a warning or dismissal.  Note: the agency must be able to reach an employee in the event of an emergency.

Employees must be able to work independently and without supervision.  Employees are to be neat in appearance and to never use tobacco,

Alcohol, drugs or foul language when servicing a client.  Friends or family members should never accompany an employee to a client’s home. 

Employees are never to provide any hands-on care for a client unless assigned as a pca.  There is to be no bathing, dressing, toileting, walking,

Transferring, feeding, medicating or personal grooming of any kind.  (exception pca only)

Client confidentiality must be maintained by all employees at all times.  Employees must respect a client’s lifestyles, customs and beliefs. 

It is expected that employees will maintain a professional relationship with their clients. 

Employees must report any physical, medical, emotional or personal changes in the lives of their clients. 

It is not acceptable for a quality homemakers employee to work privately for any of our clients.  It is also strictly forbidden for an employee to accept

Or borrow money, food, personal property or gifts from any client.  There are no expections and to do so will result in immediate dismissal.


All employees are on a three-month probationary status effective the first day of employment. During this period, the agency reserves the rigth to terminate employment for just cause.

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